The Next Stage: A Campaign for the Completion of the Freeman Arts Pavilion

Main Entrance

The Freeman Arts Pavilion of the future will rise on a stunning 5.27-acre site overlooking the water with a backdrop of a beautiful wooded area. This state-of-the-art facility has been conceived to maintain the intimate and casual atmoshpere so cherished by guests, while allowing for larger audiences to be accommodated more comfortably. The growth of the venue will also provide year-round programming opportunities and the space to expand the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation's highly regarded Arts Education program to meet the growing demand for these services. By expanding both the capacity and length of the live performance season, Freeman Arts Pavilion will attract more than 150,000 audience members by 2025.



"The Freeman Arts Pavilion is a place to experience simple joy. Wherever you are in your life this Pavilion offers respite, an opportunity to be infused by music, art, humanity, connectivity and love. when you are here, you are never alone."

-Michelle Freeman, President of Joshua M. Freeman Foundation


Economic impact of $101 million and rising

Since 2008, the cumulative impact of the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation on the local ecnomony has surpassed $101 million. For each $1 spent by Freeman Arts Pavilion, $2.12 goes back to the local economy. Each visitor to the Freeman Arts Pavilion is estimated to also bring an additional $102 a day to the local economy. With a total capacity of around 4,000, the Freeman Arts Pavilion will offer a combination of covered fixed seating and lawn seating to enhance visibility of the performance. Not only will this provide greater and more relaxed seating choices for audiences members, but having a covered stage and seating will significantly reduce weather-related cancellations, which can have a serious and negative impact on operations.


Community Impact: Creating opportunities to elevate the human spirit

The Joshua M. Freeman Foundation, including Freeman Arts Pavilion, strives to create accessibility to the arts for ALL. The dedication of staff, volunteers and supporters to the mission of advancing arts access for all through performance, education and advocacy is core to the future of Freeman Arts Pavilion. The Freeman Arts Pavilion works with local nonprofit community organizations to ensure people of all socio-economic backgrounds can share in the excitement and culturally enriching opportunities of high-quality, live arts performances. Many complimentary performance tickets are made available to our nonprofit and community partners through our Community Access program. Additionally, more than 30% of performances each summer are FREE to attend.



We need your help to make this dream a reality.

As a nonprofit, we rely on philanthropic support from the public to fulfill our mission. Without the generous contributions of community members, local businesses, and others, we would not be able to pursue an expanded peforming arts facility that will become an arts and culture staple and destination in the Mid-Atlantic region. Please consider making a commitment today that will fuel the vision of completing the Freeman Arts Pavilion.


For more information, please contact Darren Silvis, Development Director, at 302-241-0454 or at