Cascading Carlos, the Juggler and two-time Guinness World record holder

  • July 1, 2023
  • 10:00 AM
Admission: Free

Cascading Carlos is not a clown or magician but a Juggler! However, he loves to clown around and create illusions with his Juggling. Learn the ancient art of Juggling with various props while he hypnotizes you with his Juggling skills. His talent to motivate through the art of Juggling helps to build self-esteem, confidence, and focus. Cascading Carlos always says … “The Art of Life is Learning How to Juggle it, so let’s go Juggle!”

Carlos’ performs for all ages and is geared for the family. However, the danger is where he will take you. Juggling Fire rhythm sticks, Fire Diabolo (Di-a-bolo) and Fire torches with a review of fire safety. The audience will be drawn into the act with humorous dialog and audience participation explanation on how to practice juggling with some home items and a bit of showmanship.

Carlos Mir aka Cascading Carlos learned how to juggle at age 10 and has performed on Delmarva for the last 27 years. Carlos achieved his first Guinness World Record on July 9, 2015, he received his official Guinness World Record certificate for throwing a diabolo (di’-a-bolo) 78,5 feet high and catching it (Diabolo is a popular juggling prop also known as a Chinese yoyo). Carlos achieved another milestone on Feb. 12 he received his second official Guinness World Record certificate for most helicopter spins with devil sticks in one minute. He successfully spun the devil stick in a helicopter propeller spin 113 times in one minute beating the old record of 106. He achieved this in Bethany Beach at the Bethany Beach Ocean Suites Hotel on May 15, 2021.

Carlos feels by sharing his passion for juggling others would be able to experience the positive outcomes he has. Also, Carlos was awarded in 2006 The Jefferson Award for his volunteer contribution to the Delmarva community.

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